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To adjust mic (internal or external) levels:

  • The camera MUST NOT be in the A+ mode
    • It should be in M, AV, TV or P (M or AV probably best)
  • Press the MENU key on the back of the camera
  • Under the Camera Icon in the menu on the screen, make sure tab 1 is selected.
  • Touch the “Sound Recording” line
    • Put it in “Manual” if not already
  • To adjust, touch “Rec. Level”
    • Adjust higher or lower by pressing the arrow buttons
  • Say a few words in a normal volume voice, with the mic you intend to use attached to the camera
  • Be sure the meter lights are not going into the red area on the right.
    • Yellow is okay!
  • Press “SET OK”.
  • Exit the menu.
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